Young Zombies in Love
Soundtrack CD

After fifteen months in the studio with a selection of ERP all-star vocal performers, the Young Zombies soundtrack is pressed and ready to fill your waking hours with audio glee! Lovingly crafted from plastic, paper, paint, and whatever that metal stuff in CDs is, the latest ERP album makes a fine addition to your home, office, or mobile sound system. Why delay? Buy several immediately! Click here for full album credits.

How To Purchase

Now available digitally on BANDCAMP, check it out.

Can't get the CD any more. We're sorry!
If a cache emerges, they'll show up at the frontalot store, seek it there.

Sixteen Tracks in All!

Featuring the whole Young Zombies soundtrack!

1. Girlfriends (lyrics)
2. Life Ahead of Us
(lyrics) (mp3)
3. Who Cares
4. Flee! (A Brief History Of Zombieism In Western Thought)
5. Never Dangerous
6. Missing My Boy
7. Zombie King (lyrics) (mp3)
8. Ballad of the Lonely Commando
9. Letter to Tombtown
10. Don't Say Goodbye
11. Life Ahead Reprise

Plus five staggeringly awesome bonus tracks:

12. Itgirl Theme (mp3)
       from Itgirl (2000). New recording.

13. Bedpanning
from The Thing Itself (1998). New recording.
14. Except A Pet
from Earth Verses (1997). Excerpted from the EV Soundtrack.
15. Afterworld
from Itgirl (2000). New recording.

16. Superpowerless (Curtain Jam)
from Vapor Tales (1998). Live board recording.