Young Zombies in Love Soundtrack CD

Credits | Lyrics

Music by Gaby Alter, Lyrics by Damian Hess and Gaby Alter except as indicated.

Performed by:
Andrew Griffin: Drums
Sean McArdle: Bass and Guitars
Gaby Alter: Keyboards
Brandon Patton: Percussion on "Flee!"
"Zombie King" and "Bedpanning," Guitar on
"Missing My Boy."
Iain Mann: Violin on "Who Cares," Violins, Viola on "Don’t Say Goodbye"
John Nolt: Cello on "Don’t Say Goodbye"
Ben Bloch: Guitar on "Bedpanning"
Baddd Spellah: Drum programming on "Never Dangerous," "Itgirl," and "Afterworld."


Girlfriends (Music & Lyrics: Hess)
Lead Vocal: Iain Mann
Backing Vocals: Damian Hess, Gaby Alter, Brandon Patton, Ben Bloch

Life Ahead Of Us
Vocals: Jessica Neighbor and Gaby Alter

Who Cares? (Music: Hess/Bloch; Lyrics: Hess)
Vocals: Euclides Pereyra and Damian Hess

Flee! (Music & Lyrics: Alter)
Vocal: Gaby Alter

Never Dangerous* (Music: Hess/Alter; Lyrics: Hess)
Vocals: Sarah Wescott and Iain Mann

Missing My Boy (Music & Lyrics: Hess)
Vocal: Amy Lewis

Zombie King
Lead Vocal: Ben Bloch
Backing Vocals: Damian Hess, Gaby Alter, Euclides Pereyra

Ballad of the Lonely Commando
Lead Vocal: Slater Penney
Backing Vocals: Mo McFeely, Euclides Pereyra

Letter to Tombtown (Music: Hess/Alter; Lyrics: Hess)
Vocals: Damian Hess and Jessica Neighbor

Don't Say Goodbye
Vocals: Iain Mann and Sarah Wescott

Life Ahead of Us (Reprise)
Lead Vocal: Iain Mann
Backing Vocals: Laurie Amat, Gaby Alter, Mo McFeely, Jessica Neighbor, Rebecca Fureigh, Deborah Asch, Euclides Pereyra, Brandon Patton

Itgirl Theme* (Music: Alter; Lyrics: Dominic Mah)
Vocals: Sarah Wescott, Gaby Alter

Bedpanning (Music & Lyrics: Ben Bloch)
Vocal: Ben Bloch

Except A Pet (Music: Alter; Lyrics: Mah)
Vocals: Robyn Ganeles, Ganda Suthivarakom, and Arwen Anderson
Drums: Daniel Thiel
Bass: John Peck
Guitar: Kahlil Doak-Anthony
Produced by Mah, Alter, and James Ward; engineered by James Ward; recorded at Live Oak Studios, Berkeley, CA, 1997.

Afterworld (Music: Alter; Lyrics: Mah)
Lead Vocal: Jessica Neighbor
Counterpoint: Laurie Amat

Superpowerless (Curtain Jam)
Drums: Steve Koch
Trombone: Steve Chesney
Trumpet: Jason Arnold
Saxophone: Adam Redhead
Guitar: Kahlil Doak-Anthony.
Produced and engineered by Ryan Drury; recorded live at the Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley, 1998.

Except as indicated, tracks produced by Damian Hess and Gaby Alter with
(*)co-production by Baddd Spellah.
Engineered by Damian Hess at Deep Mission Studios, San Francisco.
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland.