The Earth Verses CD Project

In the summer of 1997, ERP stepped like a prancing mare from the stage of the Berkeley Store Gallery to the lush patio of Berkeley's Live Oak Studios. It was there that ERP recorded eight glorious tracks of digital lovin': the soundtrack to ERP's fourth hit rock opera, Earth Verses. With the addition of several remastered favorites, the round and shiny Pinnacle of Audio Technology was ready for mass production.

An instant classic, the Earth Verses Original Cast Recording has thrilled young and old alike with its various haunting refrains and funk ruckuses. And now it comes to you, shrink-wrapped and perfect, for only sixteen dollars post-paid. You will want to keep your Emerald Rain Productions Compact Disc displayed prominently in your home or garden as a testament to your good taste. Perhaps you will even choose to put a nice velvet cordon around the viewing area. It's best that you order two, so that you have one to listen to. Or three! Experts agree that the Earth Verses Original Cast Recording makes a lovely gift. How can you pass up such a cheap and effortless conduit to pure listening satisfaction? You can't, that's how! See below for ordering info. 

How To Purchase

The CD is out of print, alas.

But the album's available at Bandcamp, including previews of every track!

Thirteen Tracks in All!

Featuring the whole EV soundtrack!

1. "See You Next Year"
2. "I'm To Blame"

3. "Except a Pet"
download mp3
4. "Someone"

5. "Dirty Foreigners"

6. "Packing List (What If?)"

7. "Go Away"

Plus new recordings of these ERPtastic megahits!

8. "& Your Little Dog II" from Queen Zo and the Virtual Revolution (1993)
9. "Ghost Town" from Vapor Tales (1995&8)

Not to mention these three Vapor Tales crowd-pleasers, digitally remastered from the 1995 4-track sessions!

10. "Airline Safety" download mp3
11. "Opaque Ghost"

12. "You Keep Me Awake"
download mp3

And as an added extra megabonus, you're afforded a peek at what the ERPlings-to-be were up to way back in 1992:

13. "Blue Funk" (Demo) by Dorothy's Not Home, featuring Neighbor, Alter, Doak-Anthony, Mann.