“A great new musical! Bound for Broadway.”
—Neil Young

Young Zombies in Love

  Emerald Rain Productions

Young Zombies in Love

by Damian Hess
with songs by Gaby Alter
directed by Jackson Gay
choreography by Joshua Carlson
at the
New York International Fringe Festival
August 14th-28th, 2004

Can two teens from Tombtown fend off a zombie onslaught? Will their love survive when one of them doesn’t? San Francisco’s chillingly wacky, endearingly gory pop/rock musical asks: how did these post-mortal youngsters learn to rock so hard?
Erica Ash Jess Klein * appearing courtesy of the Actors' Equity Association. An AEA approved Showcase
Megan Demarest Cynthia Pierce *
Jeffrey Doornbos * Graham Stevens *
Lawrence Feeney Kevin Townley *
Robyn Ganeles * Daniel Zaitchik
Justin R. G. Holcomb *  
...and the Stolid Cold Dancers: Khiara M. Bridges, Michelline Coonrod,
Jarrod Crockett, Scott Lewis, Robbie Roby*, Tanja Schwedt,
Alison Solomon, Alexis Thebolt, and Jon Vaughn
written by 
Damian Hess
music by 
Gaby Alter
East Coast Debut:
in Love
directed by 
Jackson Gay
choreography by 
Joshua Carlson
fight choreography by 
Sarah Elliott
set design by 
Erik Flatmo
costume design by 
Jenny Mannis
lighting design by 
Thomas Dunn
dramaturgy by 
Linda Bartholomai
stage management by 
Terri Ciofalo *
asst. director 
Jeff Stanley
asst. stage manager 
Jon Vaughn
asst. choreographer 
Jillian Smalley
  Soundtrack Sampler

CD available

Life Ahead of Us

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Never Dangerous

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Flee! (A Brief History of Zombieism in Western Thought)

Download MP3 (2.3 MB)

Don't Say Goodbye

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Previously Garnered Accolades  

Loosen your belt; you’re in for a casket full of laughs. Young Zombies in Love, Emerald Rain Productions’ musical spoof of every Grade D zombie movie ever made, is a hilarious romp through the dark and light of zombiedom. You will giggle, you will cheer, you will shake your head in amazement... this leaves you grateful for the cinematic dreck from which it springs.” (more)

—Jason Serinus, Bay Area Reporter
This hybrid rock opera is actually a postmodern morality play of blood-curdling hilarity."  
—Ching Chang, SFgate.com
Emerald Rain’s new rock musical Young Zombies in Love is a lot deeper than it first appears. Under the frothy songs and teenagers-in-love fighting-the-zombie-menace pyrotechnics, there’s a lot going on – about dependency in relationships, addiction, and the willing blindness that manifests in groups... As a parable of teen angst, this play is right on the money.”
—Lisa Drostrova, East Bay Express
A great new musical! Bound for Broadway... and I don't mean North Beach.”  
—Neil Young, noted rocker