Sarah Gould Wescott hails from the great state of Maine. Soon after migrating to San Francisco, she saw the second run of Vapor Tales and decided "those kids are having too much fun, I must join them". And so she did. She assumed back stage roles for Vapor Tales at the Cable Car Theater and Birthday Cake at the Julia Morgan. She cracked up a few people as a prom-goer in Itgirl and assumed the roles of Mrs. Drue, Veronica Strauss, and the old zombie in Young Zombies in Love. More of an athlete and musician than an actor, she is grateful to ERP for the space to develop this part of her art.

stage assistant, Vapor Tales (98), Birthday Cake
Prom Person, Itgirl
Veronica, Mrs. Drue, Very Old Zombie, Young Zombies in Love


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