Young Zombies in Love at the New York International Fringe Festival

Damian Hess' and Gaby Alter's fright-flick pop-rock romp comes to New York in August. Details on the front page.

There are no reservations for FringeNYC shows, only ticket sales. Available here starting July 25th:


Target Audience 9.1

Dominic Mah continues to spearhead ERP's Los Angeles division, and is working hard to complete his first feature: Target Audience 9.1. A few spooky seconds of it are at the front of his director reel, along with several other of his clips (proving that ERP does not slumber in yon southland). If you have yet to see his short The Matrices, direct your browser towards iFilm now.


The Buddha Hood

A new telling of the Buddha story, by Zay Amsbury and Gaby Alter. Stay tuned!


Young Zombies in Love Soundtrack released!

Learn all about it!

Preview tracks!





Spinal ERP closing out sixth year of post-production.

Long awaited, but soon to be long-awaited no more, this charming half-hour documentary will warm the hearts of anyone who ever enjoyed an ERP experience. In the spotlight: ERP's 1998 production of Vapor Tales. Thrill to the songs, the dancing, the glassy eyes of interviewee after interviewee. Sample footage to be posted here. Spinal ERP in its entirety will be distributed through channels which remain mysterious. Maybe cable access.