Theatre Bay Area 

Publishes CALLBOARD magazine, operates TIX Bay Area (the half-price ticket booth at Union Square in San Francisco), administers the Mary Mason Lemonade Fund for Critically Ill Theater Workers, and conducts  annual general auditions.
American Conservatory Theater 

"One of the nation's leading resident professional theaters and the recipient of a Tony Award for outstanding theater performance and training."
Berkeley Repertory Theatre 

"A variety of productions in a year-long seasonal calendar, including productions of the finest classic, contemporary and new plays, as well as new and/or experimental work, intended to attract a variety of new audiences."

erinys productions

"A production company based in San Francisco that is dedicated to reclaiming the theater experience for women and once again making it something fun, exciting, creative and collaborative for all involved. " Co-founded by our own Arwen Anderson.
Impact Theatre 

Their mission is to "utilize theatrical productions to fill an unmet need for storytelling, community, and direct experience for people of our own generation, born between roughly 1961 and 1981...to explore ways of creating and presenting affordable theatre that speaks in a familiar vocabulary and tells the stories of our own generation."
Shotgun Players 

Their mission is "to provide affordable and intellectually challenging theatre that is above all, entertaining."

Theatre Rhinoceros

A "non-profit organization devoted solely to the development and production of theatrical work by lesbian and gay artists and/or addressing lesbian and gay issues."

Thick Description

"The term refers to the inevitable interpretive quality of an anthropologist's thorough description of any event, or for that matter, of any person's comprehension of any event."

"Explores the human spirit through innovative plays and musicals that define our culturally diverse Northern California community."
Venue 9

"Footloose produces new and original work with emphasis on emerging artists of all ages, sexes, races and genres, enabling them to reach a wider audience and gain media recognition. The company also co-produces with various companies and established artist and provides a professional, affordable, rental facility (Venue 9) and a rehearsal, class and low-tech performance space (Shotwell Studios) for the entire arts community. Venue 9 also has a lobby art gallery which exhibits Bay Area artists." 
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