Gaby Alter

Nobody Loves You

Music and lyrics by Gaby Alter, book and lyrics by Itamar Moses. A romantic comedy about the search for meaningful relationships in a culture dominated by the quest for popularity. When Jeff, a philosophy grad student, goes on a reality TV show to win back his ex, he instead finds a girl who might be the love of his life. But will she fall for him once he is seduced by the adulation of his fans? (Click here to listen to the full demo.)


Vocals - Phoebe Strole, Rob Morrison, and Lauren Molina

It Feels Good

Vocals - Rebecca Hart, Anika Larsen, Alex Brightman

I Think I Love You For Real

Vocals - Chris Critelli and Lauren Blackman

Band Geeks

Music & Lyrics by Gaby Alter, Tommy Newman and Mark Allen; Book by Tommy Newman and Gordon Greenberg.

A high-stepping tribute to high school marching bands and misfits everywhere!  With just nine members and dwindling funds, the Cuyahoga High Marching Beavers are close to extinction.  When a troubled athlete is relegated to their ranks, Elliott, the tuba-playing band captain and Laura, his best friend, must find a way to unite the band, embrace their inner geek and save the Marching Beavers.  (Click here to listen to the full demo.)

Twirler Girl

Sung by Rory O'Malley and Patti Murin

Lost In The Brass

Sung by Patti Murin

A Thousand Miles

Sung by Patti Murin and Douglas Lyons

Team Player

Sung by Douglas Lyons


Book and additional lyrics by Tommy Newman

What does it mean to become an adult? From dealing with jobs and roommates to losing and finding love, this high-energy pop song cycle tells universal stories of discovering your place in the world, and learning the age-old art of growing up. (Click here to listen to the full demo.)


Sung by Jason Williams, Farah Alvin, Shira Silberg, Mark Allen, Tommy Newman, and Gaby Alter

The Princess & The Co-op

Sung by Farah Alvin

Orphan Thanksgiving

Sung by Mark Allen, Gaby Alter, Shira Silberg, Farah Alvin, Jason Williams and Tommy Newman

The Argument

Sung by Jason Williams

Young Zombies In Love

Book and additional lyrics by Damian Hess. Can two teens from Tombtown fend off a Zombie onslaught? Will their love survive when one of them doesn't? This chillingly whacky, endearingly gory musical asks: how did these post-mortal youngsters learns to rock so hard? (New York Fringe Festival Songwriting Award)

Life Ahead of Us

Sung by Jessica Neighbor, Gaby Alter

Don't Say Goodbye

Sung by Iain Mann, Sarah Wescott

Vapor Tales

(1998) Book and additional lyrics by Dominic Mah.What if you could become a superhero? Would it finally make your best friend love you? Corporate rock fesivals, body enhancement and millenial anxiety come together in this odyssey of two young seekers trying to find home--and each other. (San Francisco Critics' Circle Award, Best Original Score)


Sung by Jessica Neighbor


You Keep Me Awake

Sung by Robyn Ganeles