Gaby Alter

MC Frontalot  
Nerdcore rapper. I supply the majority of the keyboards on his records and occasionally gyrate onstage with him.

Brandon Patton  
Indie songwriter with a penchant for good storytelling. Recently featured on NPR's All Songs Considered.

Alec Berlin 
Songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire. Played on my demos, and also in Green Day's musical American Idiot.

Negin Farsad
Renaissance woman: director of the documentary Nerdcore Rising, writer (MTV, Comedy Central, PBS), comedian and actor.

Jess Klein  
Soulful singer-songwriter living in Austin, TX. I wrote her a song based on an Old Testament poem.

Sophie Jaff

Jack of all creative trades - songwriter, poet and author of children's books. My collaborator on the cabaret Not That We're Bitter.

Tommy Newman  
Triple threat composer, lyricist and bookwriter. My collaborator on Band Geeks and 29.

Mark Allen   
A great composer, and another collaborator on Band Geeks.

Joe Iconis    
Writer of kick-ass rock musicals. Occasionally seen as one half of The Joe & Gaby Show at clubs in Manhattan circa the mid-late zeros.