Everyone loves music piracy.

Here at ERP, we support music piracy 100%. Unless, of course, you're crass enough to jack our beats. In which case it's smackdown time.

Please read the following:

All songs copyright (C)1993-2000 by Emerald Rain Productions.

All songs written by Gaby Alter and Dominic Mah unless otherwise noted. And don't act like it's otherwise noted. 'Cause it's not. I checked.

ERP would like to encourage free distribution of these recordings on condition that the MP3 files are never to be modified, and the songs therein may not be sold or included in any broadcast or product.

We encourage you, the casual fan or obsessive ERP historian, to listen to and enjoy your private ERP MP3 collection, and to share these rare and captivating ERP tracks with your loved ones worldwide. Oh, and if you dig these MP3 tracks, please aquaint yourself with the wealth of studio-recorded supersongs collected on the magical, mystical ERP CDS!

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